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At Tarneit Dental Care, we understand the importance of children’s dentistry. Oral hygiene is a vital part of a child’s overall health. When children learn how to care for their teeth at an early age, they will have much healthier teeth as they grow up.

Tarneit Dental Care makes sure that children have everything they need for healthy oral hygiene. Our trained paediatric dental staff will assist your child from the time they get their first tooth until they have all their adult teeth and beyond. Our children’s dentistry program is comprehensive and includes the following elements:

  • Education: We teach your little ones how to take care of their teeth so they learn proper oral health habits at an early age. They learn how to brush and floss their teeth and why it is so important. They will also learn about what happens if they don’t brush and floss.
  • Regular cleanings: Our professional and gentle dental staff will clean your children’s teeth regularly to maintain their health and vitality. Our trained staff is trained in working with youngsters who may be a bit nervous about those dental visits. We make sure your little ones are at ease when they visit our office.
  • Fill cavities as needed: Even with regular cleanings, sometimes children will get cavities. If this happens, we fill the cavity using the best methods and equipment.
  • Address additional problems as children grow: As your child grows, we will monitor the way their adult teeth are coming in and how their bite looks. We address any issues that arise and nip them in the bud through corrective measures.

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children dentistry
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